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  • Transformer w Remote
  • Smart Film

PRIVOFILM for Sidelights and Vision Windows

30 cm x 210 cm White Self-adhesive Switchable Film Set for New and Existing Glass Panels
White Switchable Self-adhesive Film which transforms from transparent to opaque with the use of a switch or remote control. This size fits most 1ft wide, floor-to-door-height sidelights and vision windows. 4th Generation lower haze, 160-degree visible angle. DIY friendly, it can be placed on new or existing glass installations.


4th Generation lower haze, 160-degree visible angle. Switchable Transparent Film (STF) is known as PDLC Film (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal), also called Electric Smart Film, Electronic Curtain. It is a new electronic controlled optical product, based on membrane technology, attached mixed claviform macromolecule liquid crystal and prepolymer to a transparent conductive substrate.


PRIVACY   |   Shower Area Partitions & Vision Windows


What’s Included in the Package:

1X 120cm x 210cm White Switchable Film with Busbars and Tapping Wire

1X 40 Watt Transformer 110v-220v

1X Remote Control


PRIVACY   |   Conference and Training Rooms

APPLICATION (New and Existing Installations)

  • Residential & Hotels
    • Main Door Sidelights
    • Glass Doors & Windows
    • Glass Windows
    • Shower Partitions
  • Office & Commercial – Main Office and Branches, Banks, Restaurants, etc.
    • Conference Rooms
    • Executive Offices
    • Interview Rooms
    • Rear Projection Screen
  • Institutional – Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Plants, Casinos, Airports, Bus and Ship Terminals, Colleges, and Universities, etc.
    • Clean Rooms
    • Laboratories
    • Display Partitions
    • VIP Lounges
SHOWCASE WINDOW   |   Showrooms, Boutiques, Restaurants


  1. Privacy Protection: The biggest advantage of our Smart Film is privacy. It transforms ordinary glass into a switchable screen which can be instantly transformed from a clear to an opaque state.
  2. Versatility: The Smart Film can be installed on new or existing glass doors and windows. You can DIY the installation on existing glass windows. Just follow the instructions to be given.
  3. Energy Saving & Environment-Friendly: The Smart Film’s power consumption is only 5W per hour for every square meter. 60% of infrared rays can be blocked by the Smart Film, reducing heat radiation and transfer. 99% of UV rays can be blocked thus providing added protection to interior furnishings from color fading and aging. It can also reduce the risk of diseases caused by ultraviolet radiation.
  4. Instant Projection Screen: The Smart Film can be switched from a transparent state to an opaque state and can be used as a rear or front projection screen.
  5. Sound Proofing: The Smart Film has a sound dampening effect and reduces noise transmission from one room to the other.
  6. Safety: Glass applied with Smart Film will possess the advantages of safety glass. The film can prevent glass splattering when shattered, excellent strike-resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, and ultraviolet ray reduction.


The structure of the switchable transparent film consists of liquid crystal and polymer between two sheets of conductive films, the polymer is in net state and filled with liquid crystal drops and high polymer materials.

When the power is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented, scattering light and the smart film becomes opaque (frosted, private mode). When the power is on, the liquid crystal molecules align and incident light passes through, the smart film instantly becomes clear (transparent).





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