Mobile APP Remote Time Attendance

Easy Time Attendance for Work-At-Home and Freelancers


This time Attendance Kit is for:

  1. Small to Large Companies – Centralized time attendance data of employees spread across different locations. Its GPS-based marking attendance ensures location monitoring every time field employees submit a punch even outside the company premises.
  2. Those who hire Freelancers – Accurate time attendance by simply having them punch In and Out during their working hours. Multiple punches are allowed in between, so they can stop time when doing personal or non-related activities. Daily Summary Reports save you time but not having to go into the tedious reckoning of hourly activities.

License for 100 users for 365 Days (Renewable)

  1. COSEC VYOM Tenant License
  2. COSEC VYOM Application Software Platform License
  3. COSEC VYOM Time Attendance Management User License
  4. COSEC VYOM Employee Self-Service Portal User License
  5. COSEC VYOM Job Processing & Cost User License

*Download COSEC APTA for Android or iPhone 

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Perfect for Work-at-Home or Field Duty Personnel. Also, known as Attendance-On-Move, it is a feature of COSEC APTA – the Mobile APP of Matrix COSEC for employees which facilitates automatic attendance of its Users. Marking can be done through GPS location or Wi-Fi. COSEC APTA solves HR issues like missed punches, attendance of field employees,  and long queues during punch-in and out. It’s the perfect contactless solution for today’s “New Normal”.


  • Auto-attendance Marking Using Mobile Phones
  • Track Field Employees’ Movement and Location
  • Avoid Finger Identification (Contactless) and Missing Punches Issues
  • Reduce Attendance Correction Applications
  • Avoid Long Queues during Changing of Shifts
  • Reduces hardware Acquisition Costs and Maintenance
  • Secured Communication between Server and Mobile
  • Secure Sensitive Areas with Advanced Access Control Features